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Noka Palm Trees: Creating Other Worldly Gems

I’m a interdisciplinary artist, poet and all around afro-futurist taking up space (for the better) in the icey death trap known as Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal). I create work that stems from surrealism as a coping mechanism for navigating systems that are already broken and will most likely, never be in my favour. I urge you to stay and witness the rediscovering of my many selves through shedding inter-generational trauma and growing into softness through my seasoned culture.

I find solace through exploring performance, digital/visual and poetic art. I've always been very fond of surrealism, aesthetics ranging from the 70s to 90s and vivid colour schemes. It allows me to create a world where I can find myself through being misunderstood. Being brought up in Jamaican culture has contributed to my artistic development of being unafraid of being bold and braggadocious. Learning how to step back from humbleness and taking back the spaces you rightfully deserve can be anxiety inducing, but it's worthwhile in self growth and healing.

My work is rooted in Afro-futurism, Jamaican pinnacles and everything discolicious funktastic.

I’m not over-sensitive. I just feel a little more than you.